Our Values

At IDRAMEDIA we believe that for media activities to work there needs to be regular, reliable, and detailed data available for clients. Companies need to ensure that the money they are spending on media activities, whether advertising or PR, is worthwhile and the messages sent to consumers and clients are reaching the targets effectively and efficiently. Advertisers are entitled to having objective, neutral and accurate information on the performance of their campaigns.

Drawing from the set of values within the larger IDRA Research & Consulting group, at IDRAMEDIA we value the following:

Integrity. We adhere to the highest standards of work ethics and function as a truthful and honest team of service providers. This includes correctness, completeness, and compliance with media research criteria.

Reliability. We strive to provide a service clients can rely on. All our work processes are designed to ensure data quality and accuracy so that businesses who come to us receive reliable information.

Transparency. This is one of our strongest values and one that is quite visible to those who work closely with us. We are open about our processes, problems and methods and we share all the necessary information both within the team and with our clients.

Teamwork. As a company we are known for a keen sense of teamwork and a warm spirit of cooperation. When a business or company contracts us for a service, the teamwork extends to include the client too. In this way we ensure that our solutions are reached at by mutual understanding and collaboration.

Professionalism. In all our dealings with clients we uphold the highest standards of professional service. This includes standards set by the global media research industry as well as our own standards governing our work as a company.

Innovation. We believe innovation is the driving force behind entrepreneurship and business success. This idea pervades all the solutions we find for each project and client.

Commitment. Our team is fully and wholeheartedly devoted to serving the client and seeing each project through to its successful end. We are guided by the client’s objectives and will work longer hours or lose sleep if that’s what it takes to reach a timely solution.

Curiosity. We like to learn, know and understand. We stay informed about what’s happening in our industry, who are the key players and what are the hot issues. We channel our desire to know into innovative solutions.


IDRAMEDIA monitored ads aired on Albanian TV channels during the 2009 general election campaign. Click here to see data and video records of these ads.