Relevant Experience

IDRAMEDIA, as a media monitoring and intelligence unit serves the needs of both commercial and non-commercial institutions. Throughout our years of experience we have had the pleasure to work with major domestic advertising players as well as international institutions and organizations. In the following paragraphs we have included some of our projects.

  • Kolibri – An innovative media online platform and App

“Kolibri, is an online news platform which offers real-time daily news summaries on user’s fields and topics of interest.  It also works as an information delivery application with easy-access and user-friendly features. It covers a vast area of topics, such as politics, economics, culture, education, etc. IDRAMEDIA serves as news feed for “Kolibri” on a daily basis with news and features from online media sources. The application is available for public use and can be customized based on the preferences of each user; thus filtering and displaying the news features of interest.

  • Media Content Monitoring – EU Info Network (since January 2016)

IDRAMEDIA offers a “Morning Briefing”, a clear and concise news summary, containing the EU related news as well as the main political, social and economic issues of the day and Ad-hoc media coverage reports of interest to EU Delegation in Albania. IDRAMEDIA has delivered to the EU Delegation daily media reviews, press clipping service reflecting the news of the day delivered electronically, news of the day, brief summaries of the current media highlights delivered daily, media alerts about news, etc.

  • Parliamentary Elections (2013) Media Coverage – in collaboration with Memo 98

IDRAMEDIA has systematically monitored the media coverage related to the Parliamentary Elections  2013 during their official electoral campaign period (May 24th – June 15th). This project was conducted in cooperation with the Slovak-based media monitoring organization Memo 98 and with the support of the Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

The project evaluated the mass media’s performance in providing objective and balanced coverage of contestants and their electoral platforms so the citizens of Albania can make well-informed choices at the ballot box. During the campaign season, IDRAMEDIA monitored 8 TV Channels (TVSH, Top Channel, Klan TV, Vizion +, News24, OraNews, ABCNews and Albanian Screen) as well as 8 Newspapers (Panorama, Gazeta Shqiptare, Koha Jone, Shekulli, Shqip, Standart, Gazeta Mapo and Dita). In collaboration with Memo98, IDRAMEDIA issued a comprehensive report including findings and recommendations for potential improvements.

  • Media Monitoring on Banking and Financial sector – World Bank 2013-2014

IDRAMEDIA conducted monitoring of the financial and banking sector in Albania throughout all printed media, websites and online portals. Through the use of our indexed keywords technology and in collaboration with the World Bank, we prepared daily reports and clippings on the above sectors of interest. Each of these reports contained all the necessary information for each media publication together with the relevant scanned copies of each article or feature.

Furthermore, for each of the events and activities organized by the World Bank, IDRAMEDIA provided separate reports displaying a full picture of how the mass media portrayed such events/activity. All the above, helped the World Bank in planning media coverage strategies on communication and brand reputation as well as kept them informed with all the new developments of the financial and banking sectors.

  • “RAPORTO! SHPETO! & THE NATIONAL HOTLINE 116006” – Media Monitoring of Awareness activities – World Vision

The mobile application, “Raporto! Shpeto!, and the national hotline 116006” were launched on the 16th of June 2014 as part of the one year project called ““Addressing Trafficking in Persons through Mobile Technology Solutions”. The latter, a project funded USAID and NetHope, was implemented in Albania by World Vision Albania in partnership with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Vodafone Albania Foundation. The aim of this project was to introduce mobile technology as an effective tool to report cases and suspected cases of trafficking of humans.

The awareness activities started on the 16th of June, 2014 following the launch of the application and the national hotline and IDRAMEDIA performed the monitoring and reporting of these activities spread out in different media mediums.  The process included the monitoring of all related news on printed media, major domestic websites and TV channels (from 16th of June to 25th of September 2014).  The monitoring process performed included a well-defined list of media outlets, portals and TV Channels designed by World Vision Albania, out of which:

  1. 30 most circulated dailies and magazines
  2. 15 most popular websites and online portals
  3. 11 most viewed TV Channels.
  • Greece and Albanian-Greek relations in the Albanian printed media 2014 – Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS)

Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS), in collaboration with IDRAMEDIA conducted the monitoring of Albanian printed media outlets from January 2014 to July 2014, for four major daily newspapers (Shqip, Mapo, Panorama and Tirana Times). IDRAMEDIA provided the AIIS with a comprehensive database of articles and feature on the related subject using the indexed keyword technology in place. As part of the project, AIIS reviewed and analyzed the Albanian printed media outlets materials submitted by IDRAMEDIA and published the main findings in relation to the  Albanian media landscape, and the many dimensions of the Albanian-Greek relations.

  • PR Monitoring for domestic companies

IDRAMEDIA has collaborated with major PR companies in Albania that cure the images of major brand names. As of today, we provide our content monitoring services on a daily basis to:

  • PublixPR, the PR Company of choice for Vodafone Albania and Alpha Bank
  • V+O Communications, public relations curators of AMC / Telekom Albania
  • Source One, a client of Banker’s Petroleum and Banka Kombëtare Tregtare (BKT)