IDRA opens office in Vietnam – a new market, a new challenge, same professional standard

Hue, Vietnam, 28.11.2017

Starting from November 2017, IDRA has joined forces with Flow Financial Ltd., a US based company to establish Flow-IDRA Vietnam, a company focused on market research, media intelligence and software development.

This move is in line with the ambition of IDRA to go beyond operations in Balkan area and establish itself in new and emerging markets. Vietnam has one of the world’s fastest growing economies and this is set to continue. A country of 91 million inhabitants, Vietnam is experiencing economic growth in the range of 6%-8% per year, working hard to attract more foreign investments.

IDRA has entered into a partnership with Flow Financial, a US company which deals with online payment systems with intentions of building a software development team in Vietnam. Such a partnership is of a strategic nature since it complements the data and market intelligence capabilities of IDRA with software development of platforms to deal with data.

As one of the first products to be launched in Vietnam, is our media monitoring system for a market of more than 1.5 billion USD advertisement expenditures per year. We are targeting high value advertisers/companies with a system that offers complete intelligence on media monitoring on a highly competitive fee.

Our Vietnam office has started developing IDRA POLL, an integrated online survey platform to be deployed in Albania and Kosovo and latter in other countries of Balkan region.

Meanwhile, we are creating our network of data enumerators for our Research Unit which will cover firstly Central Vietnam and then move to other parts of the country.

Our journey has just begun. New market, new challenge, same professional standard.


28 Ly Thuong Kiet,

Thura Thien, Hue 530000


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