Our Services

ADVERTISING MONITORING it includes advertising data from TV, Print, Radio, Online and OOH, covering the telecommunication sector (fix/mobile telephony, internet and Paid TV) and provides competitive information about each market player. IDRAMEDIA advertising monitoring service is ready to answer to the following questions:

  • How active are your competitors in advertising?
  • How much are they spending?
  • Where are they advertising?
  • Who is reaching more audience during prime time or weekends?
  • Which TV Channels and shows are performing better?
  • Do you have more quality exposures than the competition?

VALUE ADDED: PERIODICAL REVIEWS & QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS A comprehensive analysis of the media landscape and content it includes (but is not limited to): Actual Spending, Ad Air Time or Print Space, Quality Placements, Weekend Shares, Prime Time Coverage and TV Channel Revenues.

  • Audience measurement reports determining the most viewed programs in terms of ratings as well as an In-Depth Analysis of Advertising Blocks determining trends of audience.
  • Within each TV program Advertising Blocks except for being given ratings are also analyzed in order to determine an increase or decrease of audience.


TV and Radio Ad Monitoring Workflow

TV and Radio signals are digitally recorded. Audio recognition software and human viewing are used to track all Ads being aired on TV and Radio. Every ad is tracked, matched and entered in a database. A combination of human resources work and state of the art technology solutions is implemented to ensure accuracy and validity of the data entered. Database Managers carry out controls and checks to clean data and corrects entry mismatches. From this moment, processing and reporting is done via two methods:

  1. Automatic Online Generation – for regular contracted reports
  2. Manual Compilation – for custom and special reports

Ad Monitoring Reports

  • Daily Alerts & Notifications
  • Industry Report with all campaigns by media
  • Raw Detailed Analytical data: everything there is to know about all ads
  • Top 20, Top 50 or Top 100 Advertisers
  • TV program classifications through analysis of TAM indicators
  • Media Plan Verification Reports
  • Daily Print Advertising Reports
  • Monthly Creative Reports – Video & Audio files
  • Custom Reports


Print and Online Monitoring WORKFLOW

Daily newspapers/periodical magazines are scanned and images & text are indexed, and then stored into our system. Web pages and portals are navigated daily by our operators, while the system print screens its contents. Client daily reports are easily generated through pre-determined queries and forms and delivered between 8:30 and 11 every morning. Media Plan Verification is carried out in detail by searching both the database and the actual press publications. Media Plan Verification Reports are sent daily, weekly, monthly or as requested. The package of monthly reports is mostly automatic – through advanced software – while analysis and In-Depth Reports are carried out by dedicated professional staff.

Print and Online Monitoring REPORTS

  • Mobile Category Report with all campaigns by Print / Website
  • Raw Detailed Analytical data: everything there is to know about all Ads
  • Spending Aggregate Reports: who is spending where and how much
  • Top 20, Top 50 or Top 100 Advertisers
  • Media Plan Verification Reports
  • Daily Print Advertising Reports / Alerts
  • Monthly Creative Reports – Images & Videos
  • Custom Reports

KOLIBRI  is currently working with about 30 news platform online which offers real-time daily news summaries on user’s fields and topics of interest. It also works as an information delivery application with easy-access and user-friendly features. It covers a vast area of topics, such as politics, economics, culture, education, etc.

KOLIBRI – “Lajme Shkurt”

  • Monitoring news from online portals
  • Selecting each news item using keywords from all the fields; economy, politics, social issues, current news, etc…
  • Writing brief summaries of the news
  • Quoting different resources for the same news
  • Selecting and adding images or videos related to the news items
  • Publication of the news in real time

ONLINE ACCOUNT is a distinctive feature of IDRAMEDIA. Monitoring data are entered into the database they feature automatically in an online platform which is structured to produce aggregate and detailed reports and data ready to use from clients for their proper internal analyses and purposes. This ensures the outmost transparency of media monitoring process. All media monitoring data related to TV, Radio, Print, Web Portals and Outdoor will be available online. The online account security features include:

  • dedicated security certificates;
  • encrypted passwords and credentials;
  • session expiry and logging.

IT team is ready and willing to cooperate to ensure a 100% matching of security features. The Online account can be accessed via:  client.idramedia.com and it is username/password accessible. The panel is divided for each specific medium and equipped with various search engines for fast generation of raw data and aggregates. Their visualizations provide clear divisions of campaigns or media channels and are easy to work with. All data are downloadable in Excel format. According to a process that will be defined in close collaboration with the involved staff of both parties, the Online Panel is easily customizable as per customer’s needs. In order to get a taste of such a tool, a trial account has been created, which can be accessed using the following username and password:

URL: https://client.idramedia.com/

Username: telekom

Password: sLDbA4Wv   (Please keep in mind that the password is case sensitive)


What We Do

  • Media Plan Verification. Spots, logos, pop-ups or mentions are supposed to be actually aired or published as planned. In this regard IDRAMEDIA is ready to provide evidence capturing any changes however small and ensuring that changes to the plan are well-documented.
  • Competitive Reports. They vary in scope and format, but generally include sector-based data that provide the full picture of the advertising market expressed in various metrics such as:
    • ad air time;
    • spending;
    • number of ad occurrences;
    • time of airing;
    • duration;
    • prime time presence;
    • weekend share;
    • premium placements;
  • Daily Reports. IDRAMEDIA is ready to capture and deliver videos, images or audio files in record time.
  • Alerts & Notifications. Alerts are sent and clients are notified immediately in case of relevant events, news or ads. Alerts are sent via e-mails, SMS or Skype, depending on clients’ preference.

IDRAMEDIA produces advertising performance indicators that are useful for clients who want to improve their media strategies and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. Key indicators include:

  • number of ad occurrences;
  • time of airings / ad placement;
  • total advertising air time / total advertising space;
  • spending;
  • prime time presence;
  • day part splits;
  • weekend share;
  • premium placement shares;
  • free Spots vs. Sponsorships.

IDRAMEDIA is focused and ready to:

  • measure TV advertising;
  • monitor media campaigns;
  • analyze advertising trends;
  • gain insight into creative content;
  • evaluate expenditures;
  • understand competitors’ advertising moves;
  • identify the best options for spending advertising budgets.

Traditionally known as Press Clipping this service extends now into TV and Online media in addition to newspapers and magazines. It brings to clients mentions, news, interviews and articles covering themes, keywords and brands related to the client or to the competition. This service is valuable to PR departments, spokespersons and communication managers. Key performance indicators that are captured by IDRAMEDIA include:

  • Total coverage time / space
  • Share of coverage time / space
  • Number of news reports / articles (mentions)
  • Number of dedicated news reports / articles (press releases)
  • Ratio of text vs brand appeareance / text vs. photo
  • Number of newspapers
  • Advertising Value Equivalency
  • Tone of Voice

For clients who require in-depth knowledge of media activities and competitive information we prepare special reports that measure performance of given sectors and companies. These reports are important for annual planning and reporting and for projecting future media strategies.

  • Cross-media analysis
  • Sector-based media presence
  • Cost analysis of advertising & PR campaigns