Eagle Mobile: Top Spender in Print Advertising

Eagle Mobile: Top Spender in Print Advertising

July 2011 - Source: IDRAMEDIA

From January to June 2011 Eagle Mobile has steadily remained the top advertiser in Print media. Both in terms of spending and ad space Eagle Mobile ranks first among mobile operators: it spent nominally* 252,429 € from January to May compared to 173,539 € by AMC. Eagle Mobile also conducted the most expensive and extensive print advertising campaign: Super RiniRing with approx. 76,603 €.

AMC was the second biggest mobile advertiser in print during this period with nominal spending of 173,539 €. Plus invested less than the other three mobile operators in print advertising: only 101,189 €.

Vodafone had the widest distribution of its advertising budget in print: it advertised in 36 print outlets. However, its biggest campaign was smaller than all the major print campaigns by the other three mobile operators.

Among print outlets Shqip newspaper attracts by far the greatest amount of print ad spending the other top four outlets are: Panorama, Gazeta Shqiptare, Shekulli dhe Ballkan. The print ad spending during the period January-May 2011 shows a decline during May as shown in the figure below.


*Spending is calculated based on official rate cards issued by print media.


IDRAMEDIA monitored ads aired on Albanian TV channels during the 2009 general election campaign. Click here to see data and video records of these ads.