Print Monitoring


IDRAMEDIA monitors all daily and weekly newspapers in Albania and Kosova. Newspapers are scanned and their content entered into our databases every morning. Our advanced online platform allows generation of reports whether on advertising or PR coverage. Clients receive accurate daily clippings of the latest ads by competitors as well as press coverage.


We scan and monitor over 8 magazines in Albania and 3 in Kosovo. Clients receive immediate notification and clippings on the day of publication, and in addition we prepare detailed monthly reports that present relevant activity in terms of magazine advertising and editorial content.


√ With over 30 daily newspapers in Albania and 8 in Kosova IDRAMEDIA ensures the broadest press coverage monitoring

√ Our daily print advertising reports include graphics and tables that allow comparisons and show progressions

√ Ad images and article clippings are delivered in PDF, JPEG, and Word, as well as through our dedicated online accounts






IDRAMEDIA monitored ads aired on Albanian TV channels during the 2009 general election campaign. Click here to see data and video records of these ads.