Out-of-home advertising, traditionally referred to as Outdoor, occupies a relatively large share of investment from advertisers and it comes second to TV investments.  Due to our research background, at IDRAMEDIA we have a unique and cost-effective method for out-of-home advertising monitoring.

Our OOH monitoring method includes GPS mapping, periodical site checks, photo updates, detailed metadata, competitive reports & analysis, and real-time online access to our platform for easy tracking.

√ Our monitoring method covers the largest number of OOH advertising sites and the most important urban and rural areas.

√ We ensure a wide variety of metadata and key information related to each OOH site and advertising campaign

√ IDRAMEDIA offers a unique solution for measuring exposures and getting to the core of OOH advertising effectiveness: the number of people exposed to each OOH site; their qualitative reaction and attitude; the measure of change in behavior as a result of the exposure.  



IDRAMEDIA monitored ads aired on Albanian TV channels during the 2009 general election campaign. Click here to see data and video records of these ads.